A designer and a dreamer who in ten years built his own brand from scratch
my name is Simon. I like white and blue, stripes, the sun, fruit, circles, poetry, Marseille and 80s
The person he loved the most was his mother, Valerie
Simon spent his youth in his family’s apple orchards, cherishing weekends, when he and his grandparents sold fruits and vegetables by the roadside
She passed away in a car accident just one month after Simon left for Paris in 2009
Jacquemus lost all his happiness and motivation
In 2009, a brand named after his mother's maiden name, Jacquemus, came into being
After the death of his mother Simon never continued his studies at ESMOD design school. He started his collection with the help of a seamstress he met at a flea market
His early collections were very simple, like children’s appliqués: dresses with a few of seams, skirts without darts
Father taught Simon to be simple, so the budding designer who had limited funds embraced
minimalism as the basis for his first projects
Comme des Garçons
The persistent Simon got a job as a salesman in the store of the famous brand. The money he earned there was spent on his future collections which he sewed during the night
In a showroom in Tokyo, his clothes were spotted and highly rated by Rei Kawakubo, the founder of Comme des Garçons
In 2012 Simon Jaquemus became one of the youngest designers to take part in the Paris fashion week
The designer prefers not to use any software; instead, he makes patterns by hand on a mannequin while there is no one in the studio but him or directly on the model during fittings
Cotton cardigan
Viscose shirt
Viscose pants
Sequin culottes
€ 500
€ 771
€ 650
€ 500
€ 330
€ 400
€ 700
€ 791
€ 661
€ 540
Jacquemus plans the details of each show himself long before he starts working on the garments
Le Chiquito
In 2017, Simon Porte Jacquemus introduced a groundbreaking bag
Jaquemus often remembers his mom — his summer collection is dedicated to her
The designer was inspired by a photo of his mom returning from the beach. He was impressed by the pareo tied around her hips and large ceramic earrings
— admits Jacquemus, who has no particular love for the fashion capital
In the summer the brand has celebrated his 10th anniversary
Invitation to the show was sent as a miniature bottle of sunscreen and the guests had no idea where the show was going to take place until the last moment
Amidst the lavender fields of Valenceaule in central Provence, not far from the designer’s hometown, a bright pink catwalk stretched across the horizon
Jacquemus asked guests to take off their shoes and go to their seats in the first and only row
Today, Jacquemus creates new collections and travels. He even opened his own Citron Café in collaboration with Caviar Kaspia restaurant in Paris
It is a real Provence corner with lemon trees, simple wooden furniture and ceramics
"The most important
thing in life
– always remain
Simon Porte Jacquemus
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Alya dreamed about this Jacquemus bag for three years!
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